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With 7 years experience modelling, 10 years experience as a makeup artist and hair stylist, and starting out as a photoshoot director I have learnt a lot about keeping in touch with trends while finding my individual style. I am incredibly creative and hard working, putting my all into my work. My passions lie in creating beautiful and interesting work no matter what part of the process I am working on. 

During 2020 my work stopped in all departments. I could no longer model, do my clients makeup and hair, or direct large photoshoots and events. In this crazy time I found solace, as usual, in art. And after years of dabbling with different mediums and styles, I have found one I adore. Being in this incredible industry has surrounded me with strong, empowering women constantly, and finding a way to build on that industry with my art has been the best way to keep me sane while the world was in chaos. Drawing from images of myself and the many empowering women around me I have created images of strength and beauty, juxtaposed by the fragile material they're painted onto; glass and mirrors. I hope you find strength, empowerment, and beauty in my art and one day let me eternalise you in colour. 
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